Permits & Fees

Fee Schedule

As set by the current Fees and Charges By-law the following fee schedule applies for services provided under The Municipal Act, The Planning Act and Boissevain-Morton Municipal By-Laws.

2018-04 Fees and Charges By-Law

Finance and Administration Services

Description Fee
Tax Certificates $30.00
Zoning Memorandum $50.00
Maps: Municipal $30.00
Maps: Town of Boissevain $30.00
T.M. Conservation Map Price determined by T.M. Conservation
NSF cheques and returned items $30.00
Lottery License $5.00
Information Requests $25.00
Photocopies - Black & White $0.25 per copy
Photo copies - Colour $0.50 per copy
Faxes $2.00
Scanning $2.00 per page
Trailer Court Rental $100 per month
Tax Notice – Reprint $10.00
Business License $100.00

Planning Fees & Charges - Building Permits

See below for building and demolition permit application forms.

Description Fee
Town of Boissevain – New Dwellings & Additions $100.00
Town of Boissevain – Commercial/Industrial $200.00
Fence Permits $25.00
RM of Morton – New Dwellings & Additions $200.00
RM of Morton – Commercial/Industrial $200.00
RM of Morton – Grain Bins $200.00
Demolition & Removal Permit No Charge
Burn Permit No Charge
Applications submitted after construction has begun will be charged double the standard fee.

Landfill - Dumping Fees

Description Fee
Single Axle Truck – One Ton Truck $25.00
Three Ton Truck – Tandem or Axle Trailer $30.00
Tandem Axle Truck $50.00
Semi Truck $100.00
All other rates will be set by the Landfill Committee or Administrator.


Description Fee
Disconnection/Hook-up Fee $50.00
Flushing & Thawing $75 per hour
Street and/or sidewalk repair fees due to private water lines are to be determined by Town Foreman and Administrator.

The schedule for water and sewer rates is set by a separate by-law that is available on the by-laws page.

Municipal Equipment

Description Fee
Grader - Summer Charge $189.00 per hour
Grader - Winter Charge $201.00 per hour
Tractor $122.00 per hour
Tractor & Mower $134.00 per hour
Tractor with bucket $132.00 per hour
Tractor with snow blower $152.00 per hour
Steamer $91.00 per hour
1 ton truck $60.00 per hour
Truck sprayer $70.00 per hour
Scraper $26.50 per hour
Equipment rates may be coincided to meet the standards of the Manitoba Heavy Construction Association.

Town Equipment

Description Fee
Tractor $122.00 per hour
Tractor with mower $145.50 per hour
Tractor with bucket/spade $123.50 per hour
Street sweeper $130.00 per hour
Ride on tractor/mower/tiller $48.00 per hour
Ride on snow blower $48.00 per hour
1 ton truck with hoist $77.00 per hour
Router truck $135.00 per hour
Cement saw $40.00 per hour
Weedeater $35.00 per hour
Push mower $40.00 per hour


All recreation rates will be set by the Recreation Commission.

Civic Centre Rentals

All room rental rates will be set by the Civic Centre Committee.

Permit Applications

Return completed application forms to:

Municipality of Boissevain-Morton
420 South Railway Street, PO Box 490
Boissevain, Manitoba  R0K 0E0

Phone: 204-534-2433
Fax: 204-534-3710

Building & Demolition Permits

Zoning is performed to manage the use of land with the municipality. The regulations state what type of business or structure can be built in certain areas, as well as characterstic of the building. Through regulating the land uses the Municipality of Boissevain-Morton tries to create the best possible development of its community.

Building permits are required to begin construction of a building project. A building permit is required in order to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public. It does so by providing the means for the Municipality of Boissevain-Morton to ensure the necessary officials review the project design and to inspect the construction for minimum standards as required by the building code and by-laws.

A building permit is required for new construction, additions, alterations, renovations, relocations and repairs or rehabilitation of a building or structure. Some minor repairs do not require a permit.

Fire Control

In accordance with the Fire Prevention and Control by-law, no person shall start an Outdoor Fire during the Wildfire Season without first obtaining a Burning Permit from the Municipality.

Except when a burning ban has been enacted, fires that are set in an outdoor fire pit or solid fuel burning appliance, set for cooking or warmth, and would normally be considered a campfire are exempt from a Burning Permit, but must adhere to the following conditions:

  1. Any fire that is set in a fire pit or solid fuel appliance shall be enclosed on all sides and constructed of masonry, concrete, heavy gauge metal or other noncombustible materials.
  2. The fire pit or solid fuel appliance shall be covered with a non-combustible grate or mesh. If the fire pit or solid fuel appliance is equipped with a chimney, it shall have a noncombustible mesh or spark arrester installed.
  3. The fire pit or solid fuel appliance shall be located on a flat, level and noncombustible base clear of overhangs, such as roofs, tree branches or utility wires.
  4. A minimum clearance of 3 meters, measured from the nearest fire pit edge is maintained from any structures or any combustibles (ie. fences, trees, hydro poles) and property lines.
  5. Solid fuel appliances shall be installed to manufacturer's specifications with any required distance to a structure or combustible of at least 10 meters.