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Moncur Gallery - Peoples of the Plains

Glance further back into the area’s history at the Moncur Gallery. Established through the collection of ancient artifacts by William Moncur, an avid local amateur archeologist, the gallery specializes in the history of the Aboriginal people who first came to the area 11,000 years ago. Come and look at the more than one thousand artifacts, including ceremonial items, food preparation items, and projectile points, from the time when the first people of the region lived among the Turtle Mountains.

For the Moncur Gallery - Peoples of the Plains official website visit www.moncurgallery.org

Moncur Gallery - People's of the Plains Inc.
is searching for an individual to fill a
vacant position on its Board of Directors.

Applications are being invited from individuals interested in First Nations peoples history and eager to participate in a governing body for a non-profit organization located in Boissevain, Manitoba. Board meetings are held monthly in Boissevain on the third Tuesday of the month.

For further information please contact Shannon Moncur, Chairperson at s_moncur@ducks.ca.

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