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Goodon International Wildlife Museum

Located at the south entrance of Boissevain, the Goodon International Wildlife Museum is the place to go for the wildlife enthusiast. As a young boy, Irvin Goodon began hunting and trapping in the area, and traveled on exhibitions to New Zealand, Western Canada and the Northwest Territories. He was able to fulfill his dream of bringing nature and his experience of the wild to the public through establishing his unique museum.

The animals of the Goodon International Wildlife Musuem will bring you the mystery of their daily activity and the intesity of their presence. See them enjoying a quiet moment by a wooded lake, or perking their senses to an unfamiliar sound.

View the mighty grizzly bear amidst mountainous terrain, or glimpse the legendary buffalo in its prairie habitat. In over 4000 square feet of natural settings are included deer, moose, antelope, polar bear and wild boar, all awaiting the visitor in this peek into the wild.

See more details at the Goodon International Wildlife Museum official website.

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