Boissevain & Morton Cemetery Policies & Guidelines

Effective January 1, 2015
Inquires please contact Municipality of Boissevain-Morton at 204.534.2433

1. Definitions:

a. Cemetery: land used for the burial of corpses and/or human remains
b. Flat Marker: lawn marker placed flush with the surrounding turf
c. Landmark: corner pegs used to mark the boundaries of a lot or plot
d. Lot: an area of land sufficient for a single grave.
e. Memorial: tombstones, headstones, flat markers.
f. Monument: tombstones and headstones but excludes flat markers.
g. Monument Dealer: those who manufacture, sell or install memorials
h. Original Memorial: the first memorial placed on a lot or plot.
i. Original Flat Marker: the first marker placed on a lot or a plot.
j. Owner: proprietor with title & deed to a burial lot or plot
k. Perpetual Care: ongoing maintenance for cemetery & columbarium.
l. Perpetual Care Funds:

funds collected according to The Cemetery’s Act and/or under the terms of a contract, trust, gift or otherwise, and disbursed for the perpetual care of the cemetery and columbarium.

m. Plot: an area of land sufficient for two or more graves.
n. Caretaker: employee hired by Boissevain-Morton Cemetery Board
o. B & M : Boissevain-Morton


a. Those applying for Cemetery interment must submit a Certificate of Cremation or Burial Permit and other requested information,

b. The cemetery is not responsible for any issues, including misunderstandings or errors, surrounding requests for interments which are not submitted in writing,

c. Fees must be paid before title is transferred,

d. Only employees of the Cemetery or contractors that the Board hires may be assigned to open a gravesite for interment or disinterment,

e. Interment fees include opening/closing of each container of a cremation burial,

f. Additional opening/closing must take place within the same day between the regular working hours of 8:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M. If not, an administration fee will be added and must be approved with the caretaker.

g. Funeral Directors must close & fasten coffin before lowering it into the grave,

h. Interments must be completed between the working hours of 8:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M., Monday through Friday. See Schedule A for fees for evening, weekend and statutory holiday interments.


Only authorized personnel may dig graves & complete interments. Cemetery personnel must be given a minimum of 48 hours notice – excluding Sundays & statutory holidays - to prepare internment sites.

Applicants must submit the size of the coffin at its top, the size of the case and the location of the grave in the plot.


a. Disinterment will be conducted in accordance with applicable regulations under Sections 23-27 of The Public Health Act. The Caretaker will be on the Cemetery Grounds for the duration of the disinterment.

b. Disinterment fees at the B & M Cemetery will be a flat fee (see Schedule “A”) if replacement materials are already on site, or at cost, plus an hourly fee for cleanup and shall be the responsibility of the party(ies) requesting the disinterment.


B & M Cemetery is solely responsible for maintenance & plantings, & has exclusive rights to enter lots.


a. Those engaging in gravesite work need Caretaker permission & guidance,
b. The B & M Cemetery is not responsible for damages to markers or monuments,
c. Grave covers & mausoleums are disallowed,
d. Foundations are required for monuments & must meet specs. in Schedule “B”,
i. monuments:

only one upright monument may be erected on any one lot,

dealers & contractors are liable for damage to adjoining lots/plots,

B & M Cemetery must approve materials used for flat markers.

e. The B & M Cemetery Board reserves the right to make decisions for repair and straightening of monuments as determined by the condition of the monument and available funds

f. No one can do own repairs without permission of the caretaker.


a. fees for plots, lots & interments – see Schedule “A” ,
b. monies from the sale of plots & lots will be used for Cemetery maintenance,
c. B & M Cemetery sets fees for additional work & miscellaneous items,
d. owners of lots/plots must submit written requests to the B & M Cemetery for the interment of another person,
f. when owners of cemetery lots or plots die & the holding passes to new owners, registration is required with a certified or notarial copy of the probated will, or where no will exists, with a notarial copy of Adm. Letters,
g. B & M Cemetery reserves the right to designate special sections of the cemetery & to impose restrictions including types of monuments & other markers,
i. ashes may be interred in the same grave with the remains of a relative for the regular, cremation opening fee (see Schedule “A”),
j. maximum of four (4) urns are permitted in each grave,
k. lots or plots cannot be sold
l. lots or plots may be exchanged with the B & M Cemetery – see Schedule “A” fees
m. The B & M Cemetery will resell plots or lots only if they have been dormant for 80 yrs or more.


fees for ‘perpetual care’ - see Schedule “A”.


a. visitors must walk on roads & walks, & avoid walking on lots and graves,
b. writing on, scratching, defacing or damaging memorials is prohibited,
c. vehicles must remain on roadways - unless the Caretaker has given written permission - and restrict speeds 10 km/hour or less,
h. pets must be leashed,
j. visitors who disturb the Cemetery with noise or improper conduct will be asked to leave,
k. B & M Cemetery will designate the burial location of the indigent poor.

Boissevain Morton Cemetery Fees

Effective July 1 2015


Price of Plots

Graves with cement ribbon
Graves without cement ribbon

Opening and Closing

Traditional Interment N/A
Cremation Interment $250.00
(3rd & 4th Cremation Interment there is an additional $400.00 Fee)

Columbarium Initial opening/closing N/A
Additional opening/closings $100.00


Single Niche $1,500.00
Double Niche $2,500.00
($150.00 credit available per niche purchased, on any existing plots owned, if turned back over to the cemetery for resale

Perpetual Care (applicable to each individual intered )

Resident $400.00
Non- Resident $600.00

Disinterment flat fee (or at cost, see Disinterment above) $300.00

Weekend charge $200.00

Statutory Holiday weekends & Statutory Holiday $300.00

After Hours $300.00

Additional Columbarium Costs


Single Shutters:
To do a full shutter at one time $200.00

Double Shutter:

To do a full shutter at one time $300.00
To complete one side of a double shutter $200.00
To add final inscription at a later date $175.00
Optional Items available:
Photo on Single Shutter $225.00
Photo on Double Shutter $250.00
Flower Vase $125.00

***Prices are subject to change without notice****


1. monuments must have foundations which meet following specifications:
be 15.24 cm. less than the width of the lot or plot,
be centred,
have a minimum thickness of 7.62 cm, an average thickness of 10.24 cm & a base not exceeding 45.72 cm in depth,

2. additional markers are permitted for subsequent interments to a maximum of 4 plot markers per lot & must not exceed 30.48 cm x 15.24 cm x 10.16 cm.

Inquires about Boissevain Cemetery please contact Municipality of Boissevain-Morton at 204.534.2433
or email admin@boissevain.ca

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