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Boissevain & Morton Regional Library www.bmlibrary.ca (click to visit the Library's website) was established in 1959 to serve the residents of the Town of Boissevain and the Rural Municipality of Morton in Manitoba, Canada.

The Boissevain Community Archives (operated by the Library) were created in 1976 to hold material deposited by municipalities, churches, organizations, families and individuals of Boissevain, R.M. of Morton and Turtle Mountain area.


To obtain information from the Boissevain Community Archives contact the archivist at mbom@mts.net
Staff time will be assessed at $10 CAD per hour of research. (For local residents of Boissevain & Morton, one hour of staff research per request will be conducted at no charge.) You will be advised of any possible costs, included nominal fees for copying or scanning, before they are incurred. The extent of the Boissevain Community Archives collection is limited to Boisssevain and the immediate surrounding area. If the object of your research is not within this range we will advise your accordingly.


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Tuesday 9:00am - 8:00pm
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Closed Sunday and Monday


Library Resources
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• published material
• local histories
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• interlibrary loan
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Building an archival collection is an on going process and is dependent on the interest & generosity of the community. Some records are difficult to locate. Kitchen photographs and those taken during the 1930's are in short supply. Histories of businesses are needed. Organizations should consider depositing their annual reports, minutes, and financial records at regular intervals. The Archivist is always happy to meet with donors and discuss the addition of new records to the collection.


Attendance records, minute books & financial records (many on microfilm) follow the evolution of the Rural Schools from 1890 to 1966.

Records for Boissevain and some neighboring cemeteries are available. A map shows the location of the plots and information from the grave markers has been recorded.

Issues from the local newspapers are available on microfilm:
• The Boissevain Globe (1890 - 1911), and
• the Boissevain Recorder (1899 - 1990)

Private papers
• The H. F. Howard journals chronicle his work as Provincial Bridge Superintendent and as Superintendent of the International Peace Garden.
• The Ed Dow collection documents his involvement in local and provincial politics. The collection also includes historical information on the Turtle Mountain Flour Mill & the Dow Mills at Pilot Mound & Neepawa.

Still images
The photograph collection records the story of many family, school, church and community events.

Oral Histories
Interviews with interesting people of the community are available on audio tape.

Great Northern Railway
A considerable amount of data is available on the Brandon, Saskatchewan and Hudson's Bay (Great Northern) Railway (1906 - 1936) and other railroads of the area.

Contact us:
Boissevain & Morton Regional Library and Boissevain Community Archives
P.O. Box 340
436 South Railway Street
Boissevain, Manitoba R0K 0E0 Canada
Phone: 1-204-534-6478
Fax: 1-204-534-3710
E-mail: mail@bmlibrary.ca

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