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Farm Focus 2015
Friday, March 6

at Boissevain School
10:00am - 4:00pm

• Free Admission
• Free Seminars
• Trade Show And Exhibits,
Indoor And Outdoor Displays
• Free Coffee and Doughnuts
• Lunch provided

Free Seminars

9:00 am

Renting or buying land

Roy Arnott, Farm Management Specialist
Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development

For almost 20 years Roy has worked with Manitoba farms to develop answers to business and production challenges. His recent focus has been centered on production economics in farm business management. How do you make decisions involving expensive land whether it involves renting or buying? This session will explore two scenarios involving renting land or buying land. Roy will use Manitoba Agriculture, Food & Rural Development’s Land Value and Land Rental Planners to work through these two scenarios to determine what makes financial sense for a typical farming operation.

10:00 am

The Continued Evolution of Agriculture and Rural Life on the Northern Great Plains

Dr. Allan Preston
Vice-chair of PIN, and the interim chair of the ARBI Planning Committee

Dr. Preston, a veterinarian with over twenty years of private practice experience, followed by an additional sixteen years with the Manitoba Department of Agriculture as the Provincial Veterinarian and Assistant Deputy Minister, Agri-Industry Development and Innovation.

Allan portrays himself as “a burned out country vet, a retired bureaucrat, and a gentleman farmer.” His career path has taken him in many directions within Manitoba, across Canada and internationally, but his heart has always been on the family farm along the Arrow River - home for his parents, his wife and children, and now for his grandchildren. The multi-faceted career path has given Allan a unique perspective on the future of agriculture, for rural communities here in the centre of the continent.

Allan will discuss the many diverse issues that “keep him awake at night”, issues that must be addressed in order for rural communities to thrive and prosper. He will tackle head on the sometimes conflicting spheres of commodity agriculture versus local small farming, producing food for the world versus food and lifestyle much closer to home. And he will encourage you to see opportunities in the challenges facing the sector, working collaboratively to leave our world as a much better place for our children and grandchildren.

11:30 am (held in classroom #130)

Fresh Roots Farm

Michelle Schram and Troy Stozek

Unlikely Farmers - Troy and Michelle operate Fresh Roots Farm - a beef, bee and market garden farm near Cartwright. Michelle grew up on the Northfolk family ranch next to Cartwright, left home to work in Winnipeg, met Troy who grew up in Dauphin and did his Masters on the effects of BSE and together decided to give farming a try. They use an intensive rotational grazing system which contrasts with the open range / feedlot system used by Michelle’s family-neighbours. Megan McKenzie of Boissevain will facilitate and respond to their story from her experience as a Conflict Specialist and co-author (with Elaine Froese) of Farming’s In-law Factor.

The Environmental Farm Plan

Andrea Bertholet
Farm Production Advisor – Agri-Environment with MAFRD

1:30 pm – Part #1 presentation

Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) is a voluntary, confidential, self-assessment process that helps farm managers identify the agri-environmental assets and risks on their operations and develop an action plan to reduce the identified risks.  The EFP has been designed to address priority issues that include the potential environmental effects of agriculture on the: quality and supply of water resources, health and quality of soils, air and atmospheric quality, biodiversity and agricultural landscapes.

2:30 pm Part #2 Workshop:

The workshop component will introduce you to the EFP workbook so that you can assess the soil and site characteristics on your farm and learn about relevant agri-environmental concepts such as agriculture capability and soil limitations. At the end of this workshop, you will have started the assessment your farm operation and developing your customized farm action plan. The EFP workbook covers all aspects of a farming operation and guides you through the self-assessment of your farm yards, livestock facilities and your agricultural land. Workbooks and support materials are only available to producers who attend the EFP workshop.

Andrea presents the Environmental Farm Plan workshops throughout the year by videoconference to locations throughout the province.  She received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Saskatchewan in Agriculture. Andrea grew up on a large cow/calf operation at Hartney where she remains actively involved.

2:30 pm (held in classroom #130)

Unlikely farmers

Wian Prinsoll and Lydia Carpenter

Wian  & Lydia run a livestock grazing operation north of Dunrea – raising eggs, poultry, lamb and beef. They employ management intensive grazing techniques with multiple species on several hundred acres of leased pasture - and market directly to their customers. This pair of “unlikely” farmers grew up in the city, Lydia in Winnipeg and Wian in Pretoria, South Africa. They will speak about their decision to farm and cover their major challenges and rewards as first generation farmers. Lydia has an academic background that helps them analyse the ways new entrants are discouraged from thriving in agriculture. They have ideas on how Manitobans can better encourage farmers to feed their neighbours. Kholiswa Stower will facilitate this session and respond on behalf of Rural Roots Food Co-op - a new retail outlet that buys and sells locally produced foods.

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If you are looking for an opportunity to showcase your products or business, this a great opportunity to spend a day reconnecting with your customers and meeting potential new ones.

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