Southwest Senior Housing Inc. – Design Build RFP

Request for Proposals

Southwest Senior Housing Inc. has issued a request for propoposals for design build services for a 35 unit assisted living facility in Boissevain, Manitoba. The original request for proposals document [PDF File] was published to the MERX electronic tendering service (External Link) on July 22, 2019.

Any addenda to the RFP will be published on this page.

Addenda and Questions

Questions Received for Week of August 2, 2019 (Download Document [PDF File])

1. Please confirm deliverable for this RFQ is schematic design and class B budget.
The deliverables for the Design Build Services includes two phases. Phase I is the schematic design and Class B budget. Phase II, should approval from the Municipality be received to proceed (based on total project cost), would be the full general contract services to construct the 35 unit Assisted Living Facility as the project manager for SSHI.

2. Please confirm price request in the RFQ is for fee only for schematic design and class B budget only.
That is correct. This fee would only become payable to the successful proponent should the project not move to Phase II. These services would be inclusive of the overall construction budget should the project receive approval from the Municipality to proceed.

3. Is geotechnical engineering, water, sewer, power, communications hook up to building, parking lot, parking lot lighting, parking lot drainage included in the $6.7 million budget.
The total cost of the project is limited to $6.7M and is to be inclusive of all project construction costs not including land.

4. Please confirm land cost is excluded from the budget.
Land costs are not included in the upset limit of $6.7M.

5. What flexibility will be entertained in the design if the Class B budget determines that the current design can’t be built for $6.7M?
The project cost upset limit can not exceed $6.7M. Should the successful proponent determine that the current plan as outlined in the “renderings” attached to the RFP can not be constructed for the upset limit, a decision by SSHI will be made at that time. It is premature to determine what direction SSHI may take. Possibilities range from re-design to not proceeding with the project to Phase II.

6. Is the “Service Fee” scope of work intended to be awarded first, with the final design-build contract only issued after approval to proceed based on the Schematic design and budget? Or is it intended to be awarded as one complete Design-Build contract up front?
The successful proponent who completed Phase I will be the proponent who will complete Phase II of the project should Phase II proceed.

7. If it is determined by the selected Design Builder that the proposed facility cannot meet the $6.7M budget, is the Design-Builder at risk of any penalties such as forfeiture of the proposal deposit?
The proposal deposit will be returned to all proponents once the successful proponent as executed a contract for Design Build Services with SSHI. If the project does not proceed past Phase I the successful proponent will be paid the “Service Fee” stated by the successful proponent in the RFP.

8. Is the Parking and Landscaping work, referenced in the “Scope of Work” section, also to be included within the $6.7M upset limit?
Yes the parking in landscaping work referenced is anticipated to be part of the upset limit.

9. Scope of work refers to parking area ( size / number of stalls?)
A gravel parking lot for approximately 50 cars is anticipated being required for the project.

10. Is civil work part of upset budget of $6,700,000?
All project costs are part of the $6.7M upset limit including any consulting fees required.

11. Can our Project Delivery Schedule be provided on an 11” x 17” sheet, folded to 8.5” x 11”?
As long as the document remains presented in 8.5” x 11” size, folding of documents is permissible.

12. Do the team résumés count as part of the 50-page limit, or can we provide them in an appendix in addition to the 50 pages?
Proponents may include resumes in the appendix. There is no limit on the size of the appendix.

13. Is it possible for us to provide a letter of credit in lieu of a deposit for this project?
An irrevocable letter of credit payable to SSHI is acceptable and will be returned to the proponent upon execution of contract with the successful proponent.

Questions Received for Week of August 9, 2019

There were no questions during this time period.

Questions Received for Week of August 16, 2019 (Download Document [PDF File])

1. If we submit the submission by email, how would you like the $100,000 proposal deposit submitted?
Please mail or courier the proposal deposit to the Municipality of Boissevain-Morton at the address provided in the RFP document. Submissions, as noted in the RFP, are preferred to be received by email.

2. Will the southwest seniors housing Inc withhold the proposal deposit ($100,000) if the successful proponent determines in the Class B estimate that the project cannot be completed within the 6.7 million upset budget?
No. Once phase 1 is complete and the class B budget indicates the upset limit is not possible the project would end and the successful proponent would be paid out the fee they included in the proposal should the project not receive approval from the municipality.

The deposit will be returned to everyone after the successful proponent executes the contract for the project. The only reason the deposit would not be returned is if the successful proponent selected unreasonable withholds not executing the contract offered for the first phase of the project (schematic design and class B budget).

3. In the event we are unable to produce a design that is satisfactory to the board are we at risk of forfeiting our deposit?
Please see response to Question #2 above.